Tis the season to be jolly, but a whole lot of jolly can also mean a whole lot of extra calories and pounds added to the waist line! To make sure that doesn’t happen and to keep yourself on track through to the new year, here are 6 tips to keep you staying healthy and fit this Christmas.

1. Get Outside

Sure, the cold weather and snow is not your cup of tea, but what a better time to get outside, literally, of your comfort zone. The winter is here to stay so why not indulge in a few winter activities to keep you moving. Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating and even building a snow fort will keep you moving throughout the holiday season. NO snow? No problem! You can still get outside for a walk, hike or run!

2. Get your family and friends involved

You probably see a lot more of your friends and family over the holidays, so why not get everyone involved in a physical activity to burn off the extra helpings of turkey and stuffing! After dinner, head around the block to check out the lights in your neighbourhood. Maybe you are getting together with a group of friends. Instead of meeting at the local coffee shop, head to the skating rink for hot cocoa and a skate. For the kid at heart, pulling someone up the toboggan hill or making snow angels is a great way to stay active!

3. Get your workout in early

You might not normally be an early riser but the holiday season is a great time to start a new habit! It can be a busy time for social events, shopping and preparing which can cut into your normal workout time, so get it done in the morning so you don’t have to stress out about missing it later in the day.

4. Don’t ditch your fitness all together

If you are a person who keeps a great routine throughout the year, do not ditch the workout over the holiday season. This will set you back on the healthy habits you worked so hard to create. If you are finding it difficult to keep up with the normal routine with your busy schedule, don’t be so hard on yourself. Do what you can and follow the steps above to stay active throughout the holidays.

5. Get plenty of rest

All the extra planning, the late night parties and the mid-week social events can cut into your well deserved rest and sleep time. The Christmas season only comes around once a year but it doesn’t mean your sleep should suffer. Sleep plays an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and lack of sleep can lead to indulging in extra calories and spending less time exercising. So although you want to stay up late watching Christmas movies and go to bed at 3 am after the office party, make sure you are getting plenty of rest in between. If a mid afternoon nap or sleeping in on the weekend is an option….take it!

6. New Year’s Resolutions suck

The title says it all! Most people over indulge during Christmas, then they make their big resolution to lose all the extra weight they gained. They vow to start hitting the gym more, eating better and working towards getting back in shape. I say….why what until the new year! Don’t be one of those people! Stay focused over the holidays and you will be that much more ahead in the new year. It’s okay to have a few treats and to eat mom’s famous stuffing; just try and keep up with the good habits you follow all year as well. Your body will thank you!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Christmas! From The Real Body Project