About Kelly – Who Am I?

I am not a celebrity or model; no sex tape would make me famous (although my husband and I have thought about it)! I am not a professional athlete or a fitness competitor. I don’t have nannies or personal chefs, or a career that requires me to look a certain way.

I am a mother and wife. I am an employee and entrepreneur. I work hard and play harder. I pay bills, clean my toilets and do laundry. I eat chocolate and love training my body to be healthy, strong and last for years. I have been a personal trainer and owned a gym. I have learned and continue to learn as much as I can about fitness and nutrition.

My measurements look like this….

My chest size….bahhhahahahaaha….I have breastfed 2 babies and usually wear a sports bra so let’s say medium!!!

My waist size….smaller then my hips….I’m happy!

My hip size….2….that’s the total number of kids I’ve popped out of this body, that have given me these beautiful hips.

My weight….295 lbs the last I checked…oh wait…that’s my 1 rep max deadlift because who the hell cares what the scale says.

I don’t follow a diet because it’s not sustainable. Set workout plans bore me. I live my life to be happy, to be able to play with my kids until the day I die and to explore the awesome world that we live in.

Join in the fun and follow my HONEST approach to live healthy and strong, learn to love your body and be happy in this crazy adventure we call life!

Let’s just be Real, because nobody is Perfect!

Contact me today if you are ready to embrace your body and make a change.