At 34 years old and two kids later, I was frustrated with my body not looking or working the way I wanted it to. I never “bounced” back after having kids (and it was not for a lack of trying). I have a solid background of athletic and nutritional training, so it was not for lack of knowledge. I knew what to eat and how-to workout. I am even married to a professional fighter, who I provided the nutritional guidance (and most of the meal preparation) for! So, what was wrong with me? I constantly scrolled through my social media looking at the “perfect” bodies plastered all over my feed. Constant flawlessness thrown in my face and every where I turned, someone was trying to sell me a product designed to get me the so-called results I wanted and get them fast! Flat tummy teas and appetite suppressants. Waist trainers and meal replacement shakes. 15-minute workouts to get the best body ever and 90 days to a flat stomach, toned legs and beautiful booty. Amidst the “perfect” bodies that promoted workout programs were the constant before and after images of those succeeding. The list went on and the feeling didn’t go away. The feeling of hatred toward my body. The desire to change but the lack of action. I thought I was eating right. I thought I was exercising enough. But if I was doing it right and I was doing enough, I would be getting results. Amongst the many products and bombarding images in the fitness and nutrition world, I searched for anything that brought it all together for it to make sense. There was so much information and some contradicting ideas. High fat, low fat; low carb, no carb; Paleo; Keto; HIIT workouts, P90X, BBG, BeachBody. All the information is there, but how do we choose what to follow and how do we make ourselves stay consistent? If all the nutritional information and workouts are so readily available to us, why are we not all getting the results we want and reaching our desired potential? There must be something missing.

If you have been where I have been; If you have felt the way I have felt; You are in the right place. You are here because you have tried and failed. You are here because you are tired of feeling like there is something wrong with the way you look. That because your body does not emulate the flawless images on social media, that you are any less deserving of success and happiness. You are tired of striving for perfection when what you are looking for is progress. You are ready to discover the missing piece that has stopped you from becoming the best version of yourself. SO LETS DO THIS!