I sat in a daze binge eating chocolate bars as I scrolled through my phone, ironically, looking at fitness and health websites. All the headlines were the same. Lose 30 pounds in just 30 days by drinking this tea. Transform your body and get the body you have always wanted by following this workout program. Images of beautiful and sexy men and women with flawless bodies and chiselled abs paraded across my screen as I scrolled aimlessly looking through the latest fitness and health trends. My eyes would fixate on the images and then glance down at the rolls on my stomach and the flab on my legs. All I could think was no wonder I don’t look like these women, I’m sitting here eating chocolate.

But aren’t all these images meant to draw me in? To motivate me to jump on board with whatever diet and workout program the model is promoting. After all, isn’t that the point of having perfect models on the cover of every magazine and web page….because I am supposed to buy into every trend and feed my desire to look like them. Why wasn’t it working? Why wasn’t I jumping off my ass and heading to the gym to look like these women, instead of devouring a peanut butter Oh Henry bar? Could it be that it is unrealistic for me to ever think I could look so perfect because of the way my body looks now. How could I ever compare myself to the way these women look?

If I am comparing myself to these women, how many others are doing the same thing? These women are fitness models, they eat, sleep and breathe fitness and nutrition. Where are all the real women with stretchmarks and cellulite? With busy schedules and challenges that get in the way of perfect eating plans and strict workout routines. I can’t be the only one.

I was feeling badly about myself so I tried to look for women out there who I could relate to. Women who struggle with their image and didn’t always look picture perfect, but were just as beautiful as the rest. I was seeking a fitness model or industry leader who showed their journey to success and how difficult it was and not just the end result. Someone who could show me that it was okay not to be perfect. Someone who could admit that it’s not possible to transform your body in 28 days. That there is no tea that makes you skinny enough to be a supermodel and that losing weight and getting in shape is possible but it is not as easy as celebrities make it look. I couldn’t find anyone and so…The Real Body Project was born.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know there are women out there who work hard, have kids and husbands, run their own businesses and work crazy hours, and still maintain healthy and strong lifestyles and look fit as hell! What I have seen lacking in the fitness industry is someone who does not paint the picture of perfection. Someone who can show me that strength and beauty come in all shapes and forms. I want to see real life images not just airbrushed and filtered ones. I want to know that even the fittest people have struggles and fall down because that is Real. Anyone who can show that even with stretchmarks from child birth, it is possible to have a sexy stomach and look and feel great! I want someone to show me that it takes Time, Effort, Consistency and Hard work to achieve results. That you can reach any goal you want but it’s not going to come easy and you will still not come out looking flawless, but you will be a better version of yourself. I just want someone to be honest and REAL.

I couldn’t find it….So I am going to create it.

The Real Body Project

WHY? Because nobody is perfect. Sometimes we eat standing in the kitchen or we scarf down breakfast in the car. Maybe we don’t always make a perfect meal with the right ratio of macronutrients. Maybe you don’t even know what macronutrients are.

WHY? Because sometimes we go a week without working out because, well, life just gets busy. Some days we miss the gym because we straight up feel like crap. Working out at 6 am after being up all night with a sick child is not an easy task to accomplish. We have good days and bad. Because after a long, hard day, sometimes the last thing on our mind is getting to the gym to grind out a workout.

WHY? Because it’s not all about how you look. It’s about how you feel and how much fun you have along the way!

My goal is to be honest and realistic in helping you work towards living a healthy and strong lifestyle and give you someone to RELATE to not compare yourself to. Rather than striving to be like someone else or look like someone else, embrace who you are.

The Real Body Project is meant to encourage women to appreciate their body for what it is, but also to drive you to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

The Real Body Project is for those who have found no success in dieting and boring workout routines. Those who have fallen off the health train too many times and those who want to live their life but still maintain a good balance of health and fitness.

For every woman; single, married, new mom, old mom; wife, mother, sister, daughter. For every woman who has ever felt badly about herself; who has compared herself to another woman. For those who have body shamed or been body shamed. This is for you.

The Real Body Project

Real Food – Real Fitness – Real Life